Jennifer L. Williams, PHR, DMT

“Committed to Being of Service. Always.”

Change agent.
Rule Bender.

Jennifer has crafted nimble, people-centric policies and programs for companies of all sizes, and she is passionate about creating world-class Employee & Organizational Experiences.  Jennifer received her BS in Communications from Howard University, and she quickly fell into HR upon moving to NY.

With over 10 years of experience in various industries (inclusive of Tech, The Senate, and Fashion) Jennifer is well versed in HR best practices, and the creation of thoughtful and productive Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives, especially in the start-up space. As collaborative as she is creative, Jennifer loathes ‘HR as usual’, and looks to ensure that both company and employees are supported and empowered.

Who I've worked with

Thoughts on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

- by Jennifer L.

” … The issue here is that it actually feels better to TALK about the problem, than it would to actually fix the issues creating the problem. Save for the inconvenience of bad press (maybe) when Tech behave badly, or dismissive acknowledgement of the very D&I measures industry leaders repeatedly speak to as being important to be mirrors of the real world? Nothing happens. Nothing at all. To go one step further, the incremental gains in minority headcount that lead to tech organizations being proud of their “representative” hire, stand to upend that individual, no matter how well meaning the players, or the company, because they continue to highlight this individuals’ ‘otherness’ in ways deemed insignificant by many, but acutely felt by that very individual.

The majority sees this: Workplace.

Your underrepresented employees see this: Battlefield.